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Educational Services

ASCEND offers a full menu of services to help students reach their highest potential.

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

ABA is a research based teaching methodology, which is scientifically shown to produce the best teaching outcomes for students with autism and related disabilities when compared to other teaching models. Our staff is trained in ABA techniques and we implement ABA during focused learning sessions.

Sensory Integration Diets

Our staff are well trained and with input from the parents can develop and implement an effective individualized sensory diet. Each students sensory diet is embedded in their routine and is a regular part of their day.

Summer section of classes available to all students.

We offer a summer section to all of our students. Our summer section provides more classroom hours than most district ESY schedules. ASCEND’s summer section is independent from ESY determinations.

Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) Evaluations

We offer all of our students yearly BCBA evaluations to help target and implement the most appropriate IEP goals and teaching strategies.

Occupational Therapy

Every student at ASCEND works with an occupational therapist weekly. Sensory integration therapy and fine motor activities are individualized and built into each students day.

Speech Therapy

All of our students receive ongoing speech and language therapy. We work closely with speech therapists and integrate their advise into our daily interactions with our students.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is available to students in need of specialized gross motor and range of motion training.

Assistive Technologies

We assess all students for assistive devices to that may help them improve their learning outcomes. Our special education services implement a wide variety of assistive technologies. ASCEND utilizes iPad’s for students with augmentative communication needs. Proloque is our preferred augmentative communication application; however, we often work with a variety of other applications as well.

Behavior Intervention Plans

Students that demonstrate challenging behaviors are afforded behavior intervention plans. We strive to extinct all challenging behaviors and help our students improve their self-regulation skills. We tend to have very good results when we target challenging behaviors.

Vocational Transitioning

ASCEND provides all students with vocational transition planning and training. We want to make sure all of our students have a solid and smooth transition to life beyond school. ASCEND works with community organizations and businesses to provide vocational training opportunities based on student interest.

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